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"Traveling in the Liberal Arts Tradition"

Allegheny Magazine, Spring 2005
"The Haus 'Energie' of the Nobel Laureate Wilhelm Ostwald"

Nobel Prize Page on Ostwald

Wilhelm Ostwald Links

Allegheny Magazine, Spring 2005

"Scientists at the Heart of Westminster Abbey"

Diagram #1: Schematic of Westminster Abbey
Diagram #2: Scientists at the Heart of Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey (Recommended Starting Point: Click on"Abbey Tour")

GER Scientific Traveling Website on Rutherford

GER Scientific Traveling Website on Thomson

William Herschel Museum (Bath)
Caroline Herschel

(in preparation)
"Charles Darwin's Sand Walk at His Down House" Darwin's Down House (in preparation)

The articles labelled "in preparation" are written for possible publication in a newspaper or magazine format. The audience for these articles is the scientific layperson potentially interested in "scientific/historical traveling", defined here as traveling that places an emphasis on visiting sites related to the history of science. Newspaper articles are limited to about 1000 words and aim to capture the imagination of the newspaper reader, impart a sense of place, briefly relate a little of the science involved, describe the application of that science, emphasize that science is a creative human activity, and inspire the reader to visit the site when the occasion arises. If you have comments on these articles, feel free to contact the author at