Ways to Present Evidence of
Active Learning in Chemistry
1. Always attend and show involvement in class (this includes smiling, nodding, frowning, scowling, etc.)
2.  Occasionally answer and ask questions in class.
3.  Fully participate in "Whad'ya Know" and other group activity sessions.
4.  As often as your schedule permits, attend and ask questions (particularly those of substance) in the optional review sessions.
5.  Ask questions or comment on the class by e-mail.
6.  Come to office hours with questions (this can be done with one or two other people if you like).
7.  Bring a list of questions to office hours or review sessions.
8.  Study and ask occasional questions in the area outside of Dr. Rodgers' office.  (Also can do this in groups.)
9.  Do extra problems beyond a check plus.
10. Include flash cards, outlines, and other study materials when you turn in problem sets.