Some Guidelines for Class -- Chemistry 110

Before Class:

Have breakfast or a snack and be physically ready.

Have read appropriately in the textbook and be prepared to answer questions.

Assemble pens and notebooks.

Briefly review what was covered in prior class.

During Class:

Classes are important. Most people (75%) learn visually, by putting a picture of a concept/technique/method in their heads. (Good) lectures use a variety of visual techniques to stimulate learning.

Be Awake!

Look Awake! (Body language is important. Or, this idea could be labelled "image is everything!")

Respond and Participate in Class:

(Remember that he/she has most likely worked hard to put today's class together)

Nod your head when you understand.

Look puzzled when you don't understand.

Look interested when you are.

Take a chance, ask a question.

Respond to all in-class Whad'ya Know Questions

Fully participate in small group discussions.

Write down questions asked in class -- try them! (These can be passed in as extra credit on homework assignments.)

Your demeanor in class is certainly the first (and therefore one of the most lasting) impressions that a professor has of you.

After Class:

Review Notes (If you don't review your notes within 24 hours, studies show that you will only retain 10% of the material.)

Make Lists of Questions

Work on any questions given in class

Work problems that today's class enables you to do

Add to on-going lists of questions.

Come In to Office Hours:

Get to know your Professor -- most enjoy students' company and value their opinions

Bring lists of questions to office hours to discuss

Bring a friend or classmate with you if you like

Talk about how you feel about the class