Websites used in Class, Fall 2004
Chemistry 110, Allegheny College

27 Aug Atkins and Jones Website
27 Aug Atkins and Jones "Bridging to the Lab"
27 Aug Whad'ya Know?
27 Aug Why do some solids dissolve in water?
30 Aug John Dalton "Traveling with the Atom"
30 Aug The Discovery of the Electron
30 Aug J. J. Thomson's Cathode Ray Tube
30 Aug Interactive Animation of Thomson's e/m Experiment
8 Sep Electromagnetic Radiation
8 Sep Blackbody Radiation Simulation
8 Sep Photoelectric Effect Simulation
New Alternate Photoelectric Effect Simulation
10 Sep Atomic Spectra
13 Sep Orbital Stippling (Dot) Diagrams
13 Sep Hydrogenlike Orbitals (Hollerman)
13 Sep The Shapes and Designations of 4f Orbitals
13 Sep Power Point Concept Map on Atomic Orbitals
19 Sep Dr. Rodgers' Version of Atomic Orbital Concept Map
Try on your own Atomic Orbital Viewer (view with NetScape)
Try on your own Atomic Orbitals (David Manthey)
13 Sep Printable Periodic Table
13 Sep Benfey's Spiral Periodic Table
13 Sep It's Elemental: the Periodic Table (C&EN's 80th Anniv.) 
Element by Element Biographical Sketches
20 Sep Radial Distribution Functions
20 Sep Electron Density Diagrams
27 Sep WebElements -- Trends in Atomic Radii
27 Sep WebElements -- Trends in Ionization Energies
27 Sep WebElements -- Trends in Electron Affinities
27 Sep Crystal Structures (NaCl, CsCl, others)
4 Oct Formation of Barium Fluoride (animation)
8 Oct Nobel Prizes in Chemistry
20 Oct VSEPR Theory
Try It! National Mole Day
22 Oct Hybrid Orbitals (Chang)
22 Oct Orbitron (Scroll down to Hybrid Orbitals)
25 Oct Hybrid Orbital Tutorial (Colby)
Try it! Alphabetical Listing of Molecules (Coleman)
(View with NetScape)
Try it! Molecular Visualization Sites (View with NetScape)
17 Nov Ammonia Fountain Site #1
17 Nov Ammonia Fountain Site #2
19 Nov Bomb Calorimeter Animation

A Few History of Chemistry Websites
Phlogiston Dmitrii Mendeleev
Antoine Lavoisier Discovery of the Electron
Joseph Priestley James Clerk Maxwell
John Dalton Ernest Rutherford
J. J. Thomson Wilhelm Roentgen