Websites related to
"Descriptive Inorganic, Coordination, and Solid-State Chemistry"
2nd Edition, Thomson Learning, 2002
Glen E. Rodgers

Solid State Websites

Periodic Tables and Properties

Interconnected Network of Ideas for Understanding the Periodic Table

The Big Bang and Nucleosynthesis

The Electrolysis of Water

Discovery of Elements 113 and 115 (New York Times, 2/1/2004)

Biographical Pages

Tritium Exit Signs

Operating a Nuclear Power Plant

GER Scientific Travelling Photographs

Oxygen, by Roald Hoffman and Carl Djerassi

Satellites Show Accelerated Polar Ice Threat

Toledo Blade Articles on Beryllium Disease

Marie Curie Visits the United States, 1921

A History of the Aluminum Cap of the Washington Monument

Orbitron (Gallery of Atomic Orbitals)

Grand Table of Orbitals

Radial Distribution Functions

Small Boranes Website

The B-70 Valkyrie, The Borane "Chemical Bomber"

Fullerene Structure Library (SUNY@Buffalo)

Fullerene Structure Library (Mitsuho Yoshida)

Extraterresterial Gases Found in Fullerenes

Nanotube Time Line

Nanotube Applications

Lead Poisoning in Children (CDC Page)

Beryl-based Gem Stones (Cyclic Silicates)

Molecular Sieves in Art Preservation

Discovery of Phosphorus

The Chemistry of Air Bags

NASA Power and Propulsion Office (hydrazine on the shuttle)

NASA Facts: Propellants

Hydroxylamine Explosion

Nitric Oxide Home Page

Nitric Oxide: From Explosives to the Gas that Heals

Volcanic Lakes with Sulfur

Sulfuric Acid as Measure of Economic Development

Sulfite Sensitivity

USA Isopleth Map

Wet Deposition of Nitrogen and Sulfur in the United States

Air Pollution and Control Techniques: Sulfur Oxides (EPA)

Chemical Warfare (Chlorine Gas)

The Tragedy of Fritz Haber

The Fluoridation Issue in Erie, PA

Mild Anti-Fluoridation Page

A More Strident Anti-Fluoridation Page

The Center for Disease Control Page on Fluoridation

The Ozone Hole Tour (Cambridge University)

The Ozone Depletion Story (NRDC)

The Montreal Protocol and Its Amendments

Figure 2.1 The Historical Setting of Chemistry

Hemoglobin Pages

Platinol (Bristol-Myers-Squibb)

Lung Cancer On-line (cisplatin)

Carboplatin or Paraplatin


Tetraplatin (3-d Structure)