Portfolio of Pictures

"Traveling with the Atom: London and Paris"


June, 2002

McKinley's cow appears atop 
Bentley Hall forAlumni Weekend!

The entire group (study tour participants 
and alumni) pose during a break

The group dons "prism glasses"
Who are these people?

Chris Vecenie (left) and Chris Kabana
show off a flour-powered flame test

Constructing web pages in an 
afternoon session

Our bulletin board takes shape
in the lobby of Carr Hall

Arrival at the YHA in London

Colby talks about Newton the very first day

The London Eye and Big Ben

Dr. Rodgers at the Royal Institution (RI)

The Humphry Davy window of the RI

Our host, Dr. Frank James, 
talks about the famous RI Lecture Hall

Group picture at the Science Museum

Dalton's representations of atoms

Charlie about to give his talk about 
Ernest Rutherford

Group picture at Greenwich -- 
one foot in each hemisphere!

Dr. & Mrs. Rodgers visit the 
Down House, home of Charles Darwin

The group at the present day
Cavendish Laboratory of Physics

Colleen beside J.J. Thomson's 
portrait in the Cavendish cafeteria

Jen and our host, Dr. Gordon Squires, 
in front of giant DNA model

Kitty and Colleen share a special 
moment at our Clare Hall dinner
(hosted by Dr. Carl Olson)

Group picture in front of the Rutherford 
"Crocodile" at the Old Cavendish (with
our host, Katie Eagleton)

King's Chapel on our walk through 
"the backs" of Cambridge University

The site of Newton's alchemical
laboratory (near Trinity Chapel)

The helix above the entrance to the 
Crick's apartment at Cambridge

Jen gives her talk about Watson & Crick
near the plaque outside the Eagle Pub

The front of "The Museum of the History
of Science" at Oxford

Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Stephen Johnston, our 
host at "The Old Ashmolean" at Oxford -- in 
front of exhibits on pencillin and Moseley

Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Johnston in front 
of a cabinet of cathode ray tubes

Some of the cameras at
"The Old Ashmolean"

Group picture in front of Einstein's
blackboard at "The Old Ashmolean"

Colleen reads to the group about Boyle and
Hooke on the "Oxford Science Tour"

Dr. Rodgers visits the University
Museum, Oxford

The exterior of the Bowood House
where Priestley discovered oxygen

The Bowood House library

Kitty and a ram square off at 
the "Great Circle of Avebury"

Group picture at the 
"Great Circle of Avebury" (with Dr.
Rosamund Cleal, our host)


A plaque of Pierre & Marie Curie and 
Irene and Frederic Joliot-Curie

The Becquerel plaque at the Natural 
History Museum area, Paris

The lectue hall where Pierre Curie 
lectured, the Sorbonne

The Place du Trocadero from the 
Eiffel Tower

Group picture near the Eiffel Tower

Scientists' names on the Eiffel Tower

John gives his talk about Ben Franklin 
in front of Ben's statue in Paris

The Lavoisier Laboratory exhibit at
the Musee de Arts et Metiers

The group assembles for the Bateaux
Parisienne dinner tour on the Seine

Phillip, Kathryn, and Alec Wolfe with 
the group later in the evening