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Static electricity generator designed by Kelvin.
Lord William Thomson Kelvin
Scottish physicist
Lord Kelvin's Mansion in Largs.

Contribution to the Development of the Atomic Concept
Lord William Thomson Kelvin was one of the leading physical scientists
   and greatest teachers of his time.  In the field of thermodynamics, Kelvin worked with James Prescott Joule to develop the Joule-Thomson cooling effect.  In 1848 he proposed the absolute scale of temperature.  In the field of electricity Lord Kelvin devised improvements in the manufacture of cables and in the construction of mirror galvanometers and in the siphon recorder.  He was instrumental in the laying of the Atlantic telegraph cables, and he contributed to the theory of elasticity.  With the help of Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz, Kelvin estimated the age of the sun and calculated the energy radiated from its surface. In 1902 he was instrumental in the development of the model of the atom, proposing that an atom consisted of negatively charged electrons embedded in a sphere of positive charge independently of J.J. Thomson. 

Web Sources of Biographical Information
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Selected Biographical Books, Sections of Books, and Articles
Full biographical information on Sacks' book Uncle Tungsten 284-5
Full biographical information on Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology 652-3
Energy and Empire : A Biographical Study of Lord Kelvin by Crosbie Smith, M. Norton Wise The Life of Lord Kelvin (2 Volume Set) by S. Thompson, Vanus

Some Scientific/Historical Traveling Sites
Lord Kelvin is buried at Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey
The Hunterian Museum has a collection of Kelvin photos and objects related to Kelvin Hunterian Museum
The Kelvin Museum contains equipment used by Lord Kelvin but is not normally open to the public. See Hunterian Museum Site
Glasgow University, where Kelvin taught, has an exhibit on Lord Kelvin in the physics department. Glasgow University
* see following Rodgers link to scientific/historical sites for further information.
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