Allegheny College

Meadville, PA

Alumni College 2002

June 2 – 6, 2002


Professor Glen E. Rodgers

Join Professor Rodgers for an academic journey that will introduce the art of scientific/historical traveling as related to the history of the atomic concept and the discovery and organization of the elements.  Travel sites (many of which Professor and Mrs. Rodgers have visited) related to this great story of discovery will be described and catalogued for reference when traveling. The course will examine topics such as early Greek ideas, the alchemical contribution, and the experimental and conceptual framework provided by atomic scientists including Lavoisier, Priestley, Faraday, Davy, Berzelius, Mendeleev, the Curies, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr, and Schrödinger.  Related European travel sites, with emphasis on the United Kingdom and France, will be researched by the class in a series of group activities. This scientific adventure will include lectures, discussions, videos, films, demonstrations, and the exploration and creation of web resources.  Bon voyage!